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A note from designer, Dar Al Naim, on this year’s design

It’s not a holiday.
It is forced travel.
It is being pushed away
From one land to the next
Without options
Take to the sea
In tiny boats
The last resort
For those who are lost
Who have lost
Flee to the sea
Become the sea
In hopes to reach
A land where they can be safe.

Dar Al Naim

I created these symbolic designs in the hope that they will bring awareness to a major crisis — human migration — forced migration — and that we will recognise it as a problem — the sea you see, is not just for holidays but the only road to freedom from death and destruction for thousands of people — struggling everyday.

Artist bio

“Dar Al Naim is a prolific and impulsive young Sudanese artist. The work she creates demonstrates a dynamic look into her nomadic, afropolitan and diasporic way of life. Her compulsive need to produce shows in her extensive body of work and the multiple subjects she is continually researching. Her colourful illustrations, paintings, textile work, prints and her black and white ink drawings alike are detailed, obsessive, free and full of Sudanese cultural and symbolic connotations.”